Hotel chain «Original hotels» is a unique hotel brand in Ekaterinburg. At the moment the chain consist of four conceptual hotels – boutique-hotel «Chekhov», design-hotel «Renomme», eco-hotel «Live» and hotel-museum «House of Soviets».
Back in 2009 in the very heart of Ural`s capital the first hotel of the chain was opened. Boutique-hotel «Chekhov» was located at 8 Marta Street in an old house of the 19th century that used to belong to a famous merchant I.M. Belenkov.
The hotel itself has been named after world-famous Russian author A.P. Chekhov. Chandeliers, golden details, reproductions of paintings of past century`s artists. Dive into the atmosphere of Russian classicism and feel the esthetics of private scenery.
Hotel «Chekhov» is not just a place where you can spend a day, a week or a month and have a great time, its also a cultural project. Inside a small museum is situated that is dedicated to the great Russian author.
Later in 2014 not far from the Chekhov at the same street 8 March a new design-hotel «Renomme» was founded. It was a different concept but it had the same love for its guests like «Chekhov» did.
Romanticism, exquisiteness and European charm – this is what every guest of the hotel experiences when they step in the hotel. You can feel like you are in Paris, Marseilles, Bordeaux because every room and hall are made in classical French style.
Here you can relax, read fresh press and watch movies drinking hot coffee and enjoying delicious croissants. To restore your strength you can visit Finnish sauna, relax in the steam bath and do some exercises in our gym.
For the comfort of our guests there are French bakery «Melange» and restaurant of provincial cuisine «Kruchon» in our hotel. Classic combinations of flavors and bold experiments our cooks and cake makers appreciated not only by Russian tourists but also by foreigners. This amazing food is the reason why everyone should visit one of our establishments at least once. Whenever you need to have a business meeting, presentation or training the hall of restaurant can be easily transformed into conference room with different business possibilities.
Eco-hotel «Live» opened its doors in 2016, distinguished from the other two hotels of the chain in a modern concept and functionality. The six-floors “live oasis” is located in the quiet city center on Krasnoarmeyskaya Street.
A lot of guests of our city appreciated this new format: agronomical and small-sized rooms where you can find everything, lots of eco-services to support healthy life style that’s gets more popular from year to year and unique natural design.
“Live” is focused on active foreigners, business people and those who came to Yekaterinburg to work, that`s why in 2017 we decided to open the business space on the 6th floor or as it is now fashionable to call – co-working. Here startups, freelancers, young professionals from various spheres can ideally combine a productive workflow with a good rest. Wi-Fi, relax zones, a conference room, a room for business conversations - all this, if not ideal, so the optimal space for the development of different projects.
In the summer of 2018 the “Original Hotels” chain presented a new authentic hotel-museum “House of Soviets”, which include only 5 rooms of the same category. The decoration of the hotel is distinguished by revolutionary restraint, geometrism, - features characteristic of the "Soviet era". Nostalgic notes and reverent attitude to the past of our compatriots are traced in every detail of the interior.

Living in the “House of Soviets” will liked by Russian tourists, who honor the history of our country and by the foreign guests who want to immerse into the atmosphere of the 20-30s.of twentieth century.

All these objects are united by a high-level service, in each of them the “author's style” and unique design details in interiors.